Wandering Friendly Cap-tures

The recent news: San Jose, Costa Rica. After four incredibly amazing months in Europe, I have now moved on to the next leg of my journey – Latin America. Western Europe as a whole was not as interesting to me as Eastern Europe because I felt that there were more similarities between the mentality of Western Europeans to Americans. Turkey and the Balkans on the other hand offered more in terms of a cultural experience. I am now with Saurav, my first buddy to fly out to join me on my journey. Let’s hope there will be more to come!

The Wandering Cap-tures is one of several photography projects that I have undertaken on my travels. The project requires me convincing a wandering friend to pose for a photograph with my green cap on. I had owned this green cap since before I left for college in the US, and it has been with me for all my “grown-up” travels. Unfortunately, my cap was lost in Dubrovnik CRO due to carelessness on my part, and thus my wandering cap-tures project came to a premature end.

The idea of the cap-tures was as a tribute to the wandering friends whom I have spent some good traveling time with, and who were an important part of my journey. That being said, there were many other people whom I did not get the opportunity to ask for a photograph, just because I was not always consciously thinking about the cap-tures. Furthermore, I was more enthusiastic about this project in the beginning, as you can see the frequency of cap-tures tail off the further into my travels I get. I had originally wanted to collect enough cap-tures such that I could have a big collage, or put it together in a big poster or gallery. I know I am probably not very original when I say this, but when traveling, the people who I meet are the most valuable part of my travels.

After the loss of my cap, I have continued to meet many many more wonderful wandering friends from Croatia through Spain, and I do hope to keep in touch with these wonderful people as time passes. (There were a few people whom I actually met in three different countries that did not make this project.) Maybe it is for the better that I did not continue to somewhat selectively choose my cap-tures, which may unintentionally make people feel slighted because the opportunity did not present itself.

A few technical notes: Please forgive me for the orange text which may not always stand out in the picture. Black actually did not fare much better, and I did not feel like assigning a different color for each picture. Also, I had chosen 8 portrait and 8 landscape photographs to be pasted in a symetric collage. But alas, it would have taken me too long to figure out how to arrange it in a simple 4×4 grid with alternating portrait-landscape photos. Lastly, if anybody has any experience in or would like to help me with shifting my blog to my own domain, please let me know. I would like to add videos to my blogs. (As if I need to spend more time on each entry…)